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Who Am I ?

About Me

Hi! My name is Jibran Ahmed Khan. I am an Interior, Exterior and Product 3d Artist by Blender 3d, SketchUp Pro Softwares. I Model any thing in blender or sketchup and then i render those 3d Interior exterior or product 3d models with Enscap, Substance Painter, KeyShot or Lumion Pro render engines.

What I Do ?

My Skills

  • Blender 3d Modelling

    2d to 3d floor Plan, Interior exterior, products 3d modelling rendering Texture and Materials.

  • SketchUp

    Sketchup any 3d Model for realtime realistic 3d Rendering with Enscap Render Engine.

  • Substance Painter

    SubstancePainter is for Realistic any Product or Furniture 3d Rendering With High Pbr Material.

  • Enscap Render

    Enscap is a Realtime Render Engine for Sketchup Users and also for other softwares.

  • Lumion Pro

    Lumion Pro is world's top 3 Best Real Time Interior Exterior Render Engine.

  • Photoshop Rendering

    I also Render Images of Interior Exterior By Adobe PhotoShop which is good.

I am Jibran Ahmed Khan, I am doing all time 3d modelling rendering and product 3d modelling rendering by Blender, Sketchup, Substance Painter, Lumion Pro and PhotoShop.

If you want Realistic 3d modelling rendering services in cheap price so you can contact to me by whatsapp number or Email id. I am available from Monday to Friday anytime as per your requirments.

Blender 3d Modelling Rendering100%
SketchUp 3d Modelling Rendering100%
Substance Painter Product Rendering100%
Lumion Pro Realtime Rendering100%
Adobe PhotoShop Rendering100%
Working Process


  • 2016 - Till Yet

    Blender with Cycles And Eevee

    I do 2d Floor Plan to 3d Floor Plan modelling rendering by blender 3d and also i do real time interior and exterior 3d modelling rendering with Cycles and Eevee Engines.

  • 2019 - Till Yet

    SketchUp 3d Modelling Rendering

    I do SketchUp 3d modelling rendering for my clients interior exterior and product 3d modelling rendering Projects, I Do Real time Rendering with Enscap Render Engine.

  • 2018 - Till Yet

    Substance Painter Rendering

    I am doing 3d Product's or any Furniture RealTime Rendering work by Substance Painter, Substance Painter is a powerfull render Engine where i found lots of Free Textures.

  • 2019 - Current

    Enscap Rendering for SketchUp Files

    I can render any 3d sketchup project by Enscap Render Engine which give very realistic render result, If you Have any project or already modelled work so contact me for realtime Rendering by Enscap.

  • 2019 - Current

    Lumion Pro Real Time Rendering

    I have also experties in Lumion Pro, I render any sketchup File with Lumion Pro, Lumion pro is a Real Time render engine and you can contact me for Rendering your projects.

  • 2019 - Current

    Photoshop Realistic Rendering

    I am doing Photoshop Rendering for realistic results with collors and effects, This is very good services if your projects render results are not good so you can ask me for Photoshop Rendering.

Choose Plan


  • Small

    $15 to $50

    • Product 3d Modelling

    • Product Realistic Rendering

    • Unlimited Rendering with Source File

  • Medium

    $50 to $100

    • 2d to 3d Floor Plan

    • 3d Floor Plan with Dimenssion

    • Blender to SketchUp with Enscap Render Engine

    • Unlimited Rendering and Source File

  • Professional

    $80 to $150

    • Interior Exterior 3d Modelling Rendering

    • Realistic Render Result

    • Unlimited Rendering

    • Source File of All Render and 3d Model

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  • Location

    DHA Karachi, Pakistan

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  • Phone

    +92 334 367 53 30